12345 Pick yer character pet
Your pet regenerates: 10 Health Points/s
Upgrade for 12345
Play fullscreen on iOS:
Add to home screen
How to Play
Collect golds to get bigger
Kill others to collect their golds
Mouse: move cursor, click to attack
Keyboard: WASD, arrows move and SPACE to attack
Mobile:drag with one finger, tap with second finger to attack
Keep attack pressed longer to focus and make a special dash attack
The objective of YoHoHo io is to vanquish every one of the foes.
Attempt each mode the game offers and pick the one that brings generally fun.
Records Last Best Total
Kills 0 0 0
Loot 0 0 0
Time survived 0s 0s 0s
Drag with one finger, tap with second finger to attack
Keep second finger pressed longer to focus and make a special dash attack
Your browser does not support WebGL, the game will suffer display and performance issues. Please read the help for further advice
"Dead men tell no tales..."
Ye have been killed by someone
Ye survived 1 min 13s and placed #32
Ye killed x scallywag(s) and plundered 15
Yer booty is now 1234

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